Monday, November 28, 2011

fresh, hand tied, wreath tutorial

Materials needed:
  • cutting shears
  • 20 gauge floral wire
  • greens, hubby uses douglas fir greens... always   -You can use anything you want. Whatever is growing in your yard perhaps? Any type of evergreen, boxwood, holly, juniper, rose hips, winterberry, a combination of any of these or something else altogether.
  • a wire ring
  • gardening gloves-this is a sappy project
gather and cut a bunch of greens to about the same size

 Place on ring and wrap wire around very tightly-do not cut wire until you are finished.

 You will be holding that bunch of greens in place with one hand as you are wrapping wire with the other. Just keep repeating these steps until your wreath is completed.
 Would it be crass to to insert here that I am still really digging those muscles after almost 24 years of marriage...
 anywho...this is what the back of your wreath should look like at this point.

Of course you can use whatever size ring you wish.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Who doesn't love a good find? You know I do! I found this dress somewhere along my travels in the last year, but I cannot remember where! All I remember is that I got it second hand and it was super cheap and I thought it would be perfect for Advent. Today marks the first Sunday of Advent. She wore it to church this morning.

 Speaking of finds, Here are a few that are now down at my space at Building Character
 I wish I new how old this mirror was. It is really old, has a beautiful patina and weighs a ton!
 I love this mid-century pink canister set! Notice how the cafe' canister is the only one that shows a bit of wear. The previous owners must have loved there morning brew.
I remember having one of these in our kitchen when I was a little girl. I have been thinking about bringing this one home to place under the telephone in the kitchen-hmmmm.... 
 A lampshade remade in the softest pink with very vintage pink ribbon and lace.
And some pillows...
Recognize the waverly floral print? I know, I've used it a lot. I think it's just one of those perfect prints-at least to me. And at last a blue ticking stripe pillow with white pom pom fringe.

If you are interested in any of these items feel free to email me

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We have been busy, busy, busy around here...
For years my  husband has been making his beautiful, fresh,
 hand-tied for friends and family.
This year we decided to step it up. We will be at several craft shows in the coming weeks. This weekend is Lime Valley Mill for a three day show.

 This is the garage/workshop-smells like Christmas around here for sure!
Have a very blessed Thanksgiving!
Can't wait to see my son tomorrow!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Last night we went to a fundraiser at our church for the youth group.

It was so much fun to get out!

And look what I won at the chinese auction.

An ice cream fixin's basket, a beauty basket, and.........

One of Beth's quilt's!!!

I was so hoping to win and I screamed when I did.

Thank you Beth, I love it!

It also came with these treats for the littlest one.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


This scripture verse really popped out at me this morning

as I was praying for a couple of friends.

Rejoice in Hope,

endure in affliction,

perservere in prayer.

Romans 12:12

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

baby shower...

We live in a great neighborhood. One of the girls is expecting in the next couple of weeks and we wanted to show her we cared by taking her out to lunch. Sadly, we were unable to coordinate between everyone's schedules. So what we decided to do was make a "shower in a basket". After trick or treating last night we all met outside and went over to her house, knocked on her door and yelled "trick or treat!!" She was surprised all right. We wished her well, left the gifts and balloons and quickly hurried off to let her rest. Short and sweet, but perfect.

Here is my contribution. Yes, it's a girl!

I made a blanket, burp cloth and bib from this very subtle pink brocade print and super soft off-white minky fabric.

The minky is really hard to sew with, it's slippery. The trick is to use lots and lots of pins, about every inch or two.
It's worth the effort. It will be so soft for the baby.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Last day of lessons for the season...

She has looked forward to this time of being able to ride.

She'll miss these gals.

Until spring...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

roadtrip anyone?

I would love to got to this Christmas Open House! I have been to Lucketts only once before. This place is a feast for the eyes!

Here is where I posted pictures of our trip a couple of years ago.

Anyone, anyone??

It's only a little over 2 hours away according to mapquest.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recently, dd7 went to a "gnome" birthday party. Our wonderfully creative neighbor came up with all sorts of gnome themed activities. They went on a gnome hunt, made gnome homes out of leaves, acorns and other things they found outside, tractor rides, miniature fun!

Our daughter is forever crafting some idea. She made this little gnome pillow for a gift. I assisted her only with sewing on the machine.

I admit the perfectionist in me has a hard time just letting her do her own thing sometimes. I just want to jump in and help her make it just a tad better.

I am learning to sit on my hands a bit more, and just let her create and do.

Yesterday morning she had every book out of her bookcase and piles all over her bedroom. Turns out she was putting all her books in alphabetical order. I just love that she came up with the idea of doing that. The challenge for me was staying out of it. I felt slightly compelled to help her put them back properly, spines showing, etc. (I know- again a bit of perfectionism). But I stayed out of it and gently encouraged.

She received two wooden airplanes on a visit to the insurance company the other day. She had planned to have an airplane show yesterday afternoon. She made a sign, planned a menu, the set up, who was invited, this was to be quite the must see event. Turns out she had a couple of girls over from our home school group and the show didn't happen-as least as far as I know.

After we do our daily lessons she is left with...
time to play...

One of the very best gifts of homeschooling.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

littlest one...

Mommy is playing with her new camera...

I am getting into things I probably shouldn't be...
Me, showing off my new Janie and Jack dress that Mommy thrifted for just a couple of dollars...
Taking off my shoes..........again.

Finally, me doing my best Get Smart impression.

fun finds...

The dahlias have been exceptional this year-have no idea why...

We found a new source for rosehips,

along the side of the road. (hehehe)

We are planning on participating in some craft shows this holiday season with hubby's fresh, hand tied wreaths and my greenery arrangements, hence the need for rosehips.

He went and cut these yesterday-oh the things he does for me...

We went to an auction yesterday morning and I saw these dressers and loved them. I told hubby if I can get them for $x I would grab them! I got them for half that-I couldn't beleieve it!
I looooove the detail on them.
They will be getting a makeover. I'm not sure if I will be saving them for the girls room or putting them up for sale in my little space downtown.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

mud and other things...

Recently, I was thinking I would really like to get a potting bench for my husband. He has been using his workbench in the garage. Which is fine, I just thought it would be nice and more practical for him.

The very next morning I found this bench at a tag sale on a farm. It was outside in a part of their yard where cows frequented. I asked the owner if it was for sale. She hadn't even realized it was out there. It was in bad shape and I had to tiptoe around some cow manure to get it. Hubby powerwashed it. It cleaned up nice and was only $5.

The whole experience was rather funny and I had a good chuckle.

This one spends a lot of time outside with Daddy when I am doing lessons with our other daughter. This is usually how she comes in.
This one is always getting dirty...

We went for a nature walk the other afternoon. I wanted to gather up some rosehips in preparation for Christmas decorating and crafting. The bushes that are usually filled, had disappeared. We don't know what happened to them. =(

On our way back we stumbled across this gal.

She let us get very close...

Our dd7 was overjoyed!

She said Jesus gave her a gift and she will never forget it.

My heart sings when I hear that kind of praise.

Have a great day!

Friday, September 23, 2011

homemaking skills...

My dd19 made these granny squares. I absolutely love them! They are so vibrant and very vintage hip.

She is planning on joining her brother at college for spring semester-God willing. In the mean time she is working very hard at two jobs socking away money for tuition. In her down time she is busy making a quilt and a granny square blanket and planning the coolest dorm room ever!!

This week I taught dd7 how to iron. We started with these pink linen dinner napkins. We began using cloth napkins several years ago mostly because I am frugal. We continued using them because once we started there was no turning back. They are so much nicer than paper napkins and no trouble at all.

She enjoyed ironing and was so proud of herself!