Tuesday, November 1, 2011

baby shower...

We live in a great neighborhood. One of the girls is expecting in the next couple of weeks and we wanted to show her we cared by taking her out to lunch. Sadly, we were unable to coordinate between everyone's schedules. So what we decided to do was make a "shower in a basket". After trick or treating last night we all met outside and went over to her house, knocked on her door and yelled "trick or treat!!" She was surprised all right. We wished her well, left the gifts and balloons and quickly hurried off to let her rest. Short and sweet, but perfect.

Here is my contribution. Yes, it's a girl!

I made a blanket, burp cloth and bib from this very subtle pink brocade print and super soft off-white minky fabric.

The minky is really hard to sew with, it's slippery. The trick is to use lots and lots of pins, about every inch or two.
It's worth the effort. It will be so soft for the baby.