Monday, August 27, 2007

new year...

Well, the older two are off to their Sophomore and Junior years today. School officially starts tomorrow but they are both Student Ambassadors so they have to help out with freshman orientation. It is always a mixed blessing when they go back. It marks the end of leisurely summer days, time in the pool, quality family time and then the start of what seems like never ending activity, carpooling, carpooling and more carpooling. We have had a good summer and I am grateful.

On my sister's last visit she brought me these goodies. They are not your ordinary cleaning products, they are more natural and better for the environment than most others, and they smell amazing! Once I get started with these, I can't stop myself. I think it's the smell. This is the geranium scent. They contain essential oils so the smell lingers a bit longer too.

I was scrubbing down the dining room chairs and table yesterday, spindles, legs, you know, a good cleaning, and before I knew it I was on my hands and knees doing the cabinets, appliances and floor. Any product that can encourage me to do all that is worth it's weight in gold!
As does January, the new school year inspires me to nest, to clean, to bring more order to our home, and to re-evaluate things.
I do love this time of year, but I miss the kids.......a little (just kidding).

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Beth just told me about a great Blog, By Sun and Candlelight. It is just what I have been needing lately, and filled with inspiring ideas. Check it out if you have the chance. On this blog, I came across a tutorial for making a prayer journal. I couldn't wait to make one for myself. So before the sun was up, or anyone else for that matter I did, this morning. My mom had sent my daughter a ton of scrapbooking supplies and I just rummaged through those and came up with this...I have been journaling for about 10 years and have found it to be tremendously beneficial for both emotional and spiritual growthI found a way to incorporate some buttons. I just love buttons.
I co-coordinate the Mothers group at my church. The theme of the September meeting will be "Lighten the Load". The girl I work with will focus on the physical aspects of our theme through a discussion on healthy food and excercise and I will focus on the emotional/spiritual ways we can "lighten our loads" through prayer, the Sacraments and journaling. When I saw the tutorial for the prayer journal, I instantly thought the moms in our group might really enjoy making one of their own, so I think we will.

It has been an absolutely gloriorus cool late August day. Speaking of inspiration, this weather inspires me. I went through and organized my fabric stash today. I also went through little one's clothes to see what she has for the cooler weather. I picked up some great fabrics this morning at a garage sale, the house of a seamstress. I have a load of corduroy in the wash and soon I will begin working on some new things for her. Fun, fun, fun!
Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

ahhh, summer...

Beth and I did New Holland Market yesterday. Not a good market day but it was great fun chatting with my friend all morning. This is one of Beth's quilts, love it!
After spending so much time surrounded by these beautiful quilts, I am determined to learn this art.
Here are some of my bib and burp cloth sets.
Sorry for the sideways picture. Some of hubby's pretty flowers and yummy tomatoes.
Here are some bib cloth sets. I will be listing things on the etsy shop sometime this week.
We have friends coming tomorrow to stay for a couple of days. We haven't seen them in 4 years and we are really looking forward to the visit.

It's hard to believe school begins in 2 weeks. It has been a wonderful summer. What I love most about summer...the sun, the garden, the pool, spending good quality time with my family, less carpooling. As much as I love summer, every year about this time I begin to long for a little more structure in the schedule, I look forward to the fresh slate and new opportunities that a new school year brings.

And let's be honest, I look forward to the house being a little less messy and a little more quiet.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I thought you might like to know...

I finally added a list of "sites I like" to the side bar. You'll see some friends and others that inspire me daily.
I stop by Catholic Exchange for the daily Mass readings and reflections as well as some great articles. When I was working full time I would take a few minutes each day and pop into Sacred Space-It really helped me stay centered. When The teenagers want to see a movie we always check on first. This site is great. It tells you exactly what a Christian might consider inappropriate for family viewing, then you can make an educated decision. My coupons has saved us lots of money. Organized home has lots of great ideas on organizing-I'm not sure if I will ever get that down. But I'm always trying. Tumble books is e-books for children. My little one enjoys this once in a while.
Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday!