Sunday, October 23, 2011

fun finds...

The dahlias have been exceptional this year-have no idea why...

We found a new source for rosehips,

along the side of the road. (hehehe)

We are planning on participating in some craft shows this holiday season with hubby's fresh, hand tied wreaths and my greenery arrangements, hence the need for rosehips.

He went and cut these yesterday-oh the things he does for me...

We went to an auction yesterday morning and I saw these dressers and loved them. I told hubby if I can get them for $x I would grab them! I got them for half that-I couldn't beleieve it!
I looooove the detail on them.
They will be getting a makeover. I'm not sure if I will be saving them for the girls room or putting them up for sale in my little space downtown.

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