Monday, November 28, 2011

fresh, hand tied, wreath tutorial

Materials needed:
  • cutting shears
  • 20 gauge floral wire
  • greens, hubby uses douglas fir greens... always   -You can use anything you want. Whatever is growing in your yard perhaps? Any type of evergreen, boxwood, holly, juniper, rose hips, winterberry, a combination of any of these or something else altogether.
  • a wire ring
  • gardening gloves-this is a sappy project
gather and cut a bunch of greens to about the same size

 Place on ring and wrap wire around very tightly-do not cut wire until you are finished.

 You will be holding that bunch of greens in place with one hand as you are wrapping wire with the other. Just keep repeating these steps until your wreath is completed.
 Would it be crass to to insert here that I am still really digging those muscles after almost 24 years of marriage...
 anywho...this is what the back of your wreath should look like at this point.

Of course you can use whatever size ring you wish.

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