Friday, October 28, 2011


Last day of lessons for the season...

She has looked forward to this time of being able to ride.

She'll miss these gals.

Until spring...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

roadtrip anyone?

I would love to got to this Christmas Open House! I have been to Lucketts only once before. This place is a feast for the eyes!

Here is where I posted pictures of our trip a couple of years ago.

Anyone, anyone??

It's only a little over 2 hours away according to mapquest.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recently, dd7 went to a "gnome" birthday party. Our wonderfully creative neighbor came up with all sorts of gnome themed activities. They went on a gnome hunt, made gnome homes out of leaves, acorns and other things they found outside, tractor rides, miniature fun!

Our daughter is forever crafting some idea. She made this little gnome pillow for a gift. I assisted her only with sewing on the machine.

I admit the perfectionist in me has a hard time just letting her do her own thing sometimes. I just want to jump in and help her make it just a tad better.

I am learning to sit on my hands a bit more, and just let her create and do.

Yesterday morning she had every book out of her bookcase and piles all over her bedroom. Turns out she was putting all her books in alphabetical order. I just love that she came up with the idea of doing that. The challenge for me was staying out of it. I felt slightly compelled to help her put them back properly, spines showing, etc. (I know- again a bit of perfectionism). But I stayed out of it and gently encouraged.

She received two wooden airplanes on a visit to the insurance company the other day. She had planned to have an airplane show yesterday afternoon. She made a sign, planned a menu, the set up, who was invited, this was to be quite the must see event. Turns out she had a couple of girls over from our home school group and the show didn't happen-as least as far as I know.

After we do our daily lessons she is left with...
time to play...

One of the very best gifts of homeschooling.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

littlest one...

Mommy is playing with her new camera...

I am getting into things I probably shouldn't be...
Me, showing off my new Janie and Jack dress that Mommy thrifted for just a couple of dollars...
Taking off my shoes..........again.

Finally, me doing my best Get Smart impression.

fun finds...

The dahlias have been exceptional this year-have no idea why...

We found a new source for rosehips,

along the side of the road. (hehehe)

We are planning on participating in some craft shows this holiday season with hubby's fresh, hand tied wreaths and my greenery arrangements, hence the need for rosehips.

He went and cut these yesterday-oh the things he does for me...

We went to an auction yesterday morning and I saw these dressers and loved them. I told hubby if I can get them for $x I would grab them! I got them for half that-I couldn't beleieve it!
I looooove the detail on them.
They will be getting a makeover. I'm not sure if I will be saving them for the girls room or putting them up for sale in my little space downtown.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

mud and other things...

Recently, I was thinking I would really like to get a potting bench for my husband. He has been using his workbench in the garage. Which is fine, I just thought it would be nice and more practical for him.

The very next morning I found this bench at a tag sale on a farm. It was outside in a part of their yard where cows frequented. I asked the owner if it was for sale. She hadn't even realized it was out there. It was in bad shape and I had to tiptoe around some cow manure to get it. Hubby powerwashed it. It cleaned up nice and was only $5.

The whole experience was rather funny and I had a good chuckle.

This one spends a lot of time outside with Daddy when I am doing lessons with our other daughter. This is usually how she comes in.
This one is always getting dirty...

We went for a nature walk the other afternoon. I wanted to gather up some rosehips in preparation for Christmas decorating and crafting. The bushes that are usually filled, had disappeared. We don't know what happened to them. =(

On our way back we stumbled across this gal.

She let us get very close...

Our dd7 was overjoyed!

She said Jesus gave her a gift and she will never forget it.

My heart sings when I hear that kind of praise.

Have a great day!