Friday, September 23, 2011

homemaking skills...

My dd19 made these granny squares. I absolutely love them! They are so vibrant and very vintage hip.

She is planning on joining her brother at college for spring semester-God willing. In the mean time she is working very hard at two jobs socking away money for tuition. In her down time she is busy making a quilt and a granny square blanket and planning the coolest dorm room ever!!

This week I taught dd7 how to iron. We started with these pink linen dinner napkins. We began using cloth napkins several years ago mostly because I am frugal. We continued using them because once we started there was no turning back. They are so much nicer than paper napkins and no trouble at all.

She enjoyed ironing and was so proud of herself!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


We are fine here. There are many, many people being

terribly effected by this major flooding.

For the locals, this is Pitney Rd. near Weis.

The experts say the worst is yet to come over night

Friday into Saturday morning.

May God bless and comfort all those who are suffering because of this.