Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recently, dd7 went to a "gnome" birthday party. Our wonderfully creative neighbor came up with all sorts of gnome themed activities. They went on a gnome hunt, made gnome homes out of leaves, acorns and other things they found outside, tractor rides, miniature fun!

Our daughter is forever crafting some idea. She made this little gnome pillow for a gift. I assisted her only with sewing on the machine.

I admit the perfectionist in me has a hard time just letting her do her own thing sometimes. I just want to jump in and help her make it just a tad better.

I am learning to sit on my hands a bit more, and just let her create and do.

Yesterday morning she had every book out of her bookcase and piles all over her bedroom. Turns out she was putting all her books in alphabetical order. I just love that she came up with the idea of doing that. The challenge for me was staying out of it. I felt slightly compelled to help her put them back properly, spines showing, etc. (I know- again a bit of perfectionism). But I stayed out of it and gently encouraged.

She received two wooden airplanes on a visit to the insurance company the other day. She had planned to have an airplane show yesterday afternoon. She made a sign, planned a menu, the set up, who was invited, this was to be quite the must see event. Turns out she had a couple of girls over from our home school group and the show didn't happen-as least as far as I know.

After we do our daily lessons she is left with...
time to play...

One of the very best gifts of homeschooling.

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Mrs.Rabe said...

Her pillow is brilliant! So cute...she is following in your footsteps.....