Friday, December 12, 2008

We dressed up some pinecones today. It's actually been on my mental to do list-believe it or not. I haven't written a Christmas card or finished shopping or baked cookies but at least we have sparkly pinecones...

Little one has been taking a link off an Advent chain she made, it has an activity for each day. Today's instructions were to make an ornament out of old Christmas cards, so we did.
I'm not sure if we will ever see the end of the glitter in my kitchen, ahh who cares...

I just whipped up this apron for her friend's 5th birthday party this evening. It's a pottery place, fun, fun, fun...I get to help.

Add a little wooden rolling pin and we are good to go...

After purchasing scotch tape for this dispenser I was just about to put it on and noticed the little thingy in the middle was missing-it is useless without the little thingy. Darn!
Hubby disappeared into the garage and whittled this replacement piece out of a branch.
I had quite a chuckle at his resourcefulness.
Funny enough, it works like a charm!

I'm sure these dispensers are not that costly, but who wants to spend at
all when you don't have to. Especially these days.
Everyday as I listen to the news on the economy and the world I am
more and more inspired to simplify, spend less and just be grateful.


Kathy said...

Sparkly pinecones are ESSENTIAL!! could pretty much use just them and pine boughs and berries exclusively for decorating.....I LOVE SPARKLY PINECONES!

Lulu and Tutz said...

haha!!! I enjoyed your musings here today!!! Love the pinecones, the fact that you're NOT done w/your Christmas shopping/baking (makes me feel better) AND that your hubby is so creative and crafty!!! I like you all the more today!
oh!!! BTW, in case you wanted to know....3 dishtowels AND the last apron went to a good home yesterday! The mannequin is wearing a summer dress....I put a sweater on her, but the apron was alot cuter!
Have a great weekend!!!

regan b said...

i can't wait to try your sparkly pinecones idea with some mini pinecones i found at a thrift store the other day. thanks for the idea!