Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our Christmas Miracle...

To my dear niece Lily,
Welcome to the family and congratulations on your adoption!!! The Lord could not have picked more loving, faithful or godly parents than he has picked for you my dear.
My little sister has waited many years to be a mommy, and you sweet girl, were certainly worth the wait!
I can't stop crying as I look at your joyful smile. You are the best Christmas present ever!!!
I cannot wait to meet you in person!
I love you!
Aunt Amy
This past weekend the many people involved in Lily's adoption case worked above and beyond to make sure that it was official by Christmas. We live in what seems like a crazy world sometimes. It is so uplifting to hear of the inherent goodness in these people.
This my friends, has Gods fingerprints all over it!

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