Monday, June 11, 2007


Good Morning! Hope you had a good weekend. It was a nice one here. Hubby and I went to some yard sales, which we often do. I am so grateful for his patience with me. He just lets me go at my own pace which I'm certain could drive some people crazy. I tend to either be quick or really linger at some of them. Yep, he deserves the good sport award for this one!

I picked up this vintage melamine tray which matched the sugar and creamer set I had for $1.

I also found this tin bread box.
Cici mentioned that May was skirt month, I'm a little late are the skirts I mentioned last week. They were all made from simplicity 7229. The first one is embrioidered white linen-purchased from a yard sale. The plaid seersucker was with the bag of vintage fabric I found. The brown embroidered linen fabric was purchased on clearance at Joanne's. In all, I spent about $8-$9 inluding pattern on all three. Not bad, but could have done better had I not splurged for the brown linen at Joanne's (he he). I was very happy with them. I did a bit better with each one. This pattern is pretty simple and I recommend it for beginners like myself. I have sewn a lot of home decor but not a garment, except in a class I took a while back. I have always been really afraid of patterns. The more I sew, the less they scare me.
Have a blessed day!


simplysewn said...

Amy, I love the skirts. The flowered one is my personal favorite. You do have a patient hubby if he goes garage sale-ing with you! I'm amazed that you could match the platter so exactly. Whenever I try to do that I get home and the color is all wrong.

Hope to see you tomorrow. Beth

volpecircus said...

beautiful sewing once again! i do so love melamine also.

Xia said...

Hey, the flowered skirt turned out great. I was priveleged to see the start of the work! Stephanie

Cici said...

patient hubby indeed! i'm on my own for those garage sale/thrift shop stops.

beautiful skirts.

Michele Q said...

Tres chic Amy! Very nice. I like how the black and white flowered one turned out.

I see you got your clothesline. ;-)

Felicia said...

That little tray and sugar set was a true treasure!