Wednesday, June 27, 2007

a daisy a day...

I am really digging these daisies. Everytime I look at them I think of a visiting irish priest from my old parish who sang his homilies. One day he sang "I'll give you a daisy a day Lord, I'll give you a daisy day...I don't know the rest of the words but it reminds me to try and do something good each day.Here is a children's apron I made from a simplicity pattern from 1975. The fabric is probably 1960's. Fun, fun, fun! It's a very brady apron. It's for that etsy shop I'm thinking about.


simplysewn said...

Love it! I love the fabrics you buy. Daisies are my all time favorite flower. I even named my first cat Daisy. Can't wait to chat tomorrow.


Cici said...

how cute is that apron!?! you're making nice progress on that etsy shop.

daisies - i love them, too. too bad dh - trying to help me out - "weeded" the perennial garden this spring. huh? wonder where those daisies went? and pinks?!