Sunday, January 8, 2012

a beautiful day...

 Here in Lancaster County it was a whopping 62 degrees yesterday!
It was beau-ti-ful!

She is wondering where her Sunflower House disappeared to. This is where we plant sunflower seeds and it fills in and acts a fort for the little ones-so fun.
 She asked for 2 things for Christmas this year, bubble gum and silly string. It only appears as if she is spraying the truck.
The weather station atop of the clothes line.
 Underneath this contraption is the hydrangea bush tucked in for the winter. 
How fun to have a day in January to run around the yard with no coat, hat, or mittens.
 Indeed the real excitement around here today was the greenhouse going up.

Have a great day!


Mrs.Rabe said...

A green house! That is so great!
We may do something like that this year...we are learning new things every year.

Love your photos - it was gorgeous yesterday!


lindsey said...

Just found your blog from 'Consume Me...' I love the wreaths and have enjoyed looking through your blog...I will be back

consume me... said...

What a BEAUTIFUL DAY in January!!!! I love the little-ones flower-house...what a fun thing to look forward to! Wouldn't it be great if we had already seen the worst of our winter!? YES!

consume me... said...

Panera soon? I think YES!