Friday, January 20, 2012

pizza night...

Friday is always pizza night. Sometimes we buy it from a local pizzeria and sometimes we make it. Actually, hubby makes it. He has become quite proficient at making the dough. When we make it at home we make garlic knots. Garlic knots seem to be a NY thing and not necessarily a Lancaster thing. I'll post about them another time. So yummy and so simple.

The tulips were given to me last week by a friend on the day our oldest daughter left for college. It was a rough day... We miss her but are thrilled that she has the opportunity to be where she is.
I finished this dresser today. I am not sure yet if I will keep it for my living room or bring it in my space at Building Character. I am trying it out-lol. 

 And this is what happens when you give her just a little bit of whoopie pie and about 2 minutes. No, she didn't open the container and stick her face in it and yes, the chair got the rest of it. It was about a tablespoon of filling but wow, what a mess!

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