Monday, November 10, 2008

the weekend...

On Friday we went to an Alpaca Farm with our homeschool group.
This is her best bud from that group.

I thought they were really peculiar but very lovable animals. It was the farm of an older couple . They process the fibers of the alpacas and I believe their daughter is the knitter, and makes some very luxurious accessories, I wish I took a picture of those.
The kids all took turns a few at a time walking out in the pasture among them. The alpacas are unusually social creatures.
It was a nice weekend, with not too much going on.

I find myself looking for ways the little one can contribute.
Like most 4 year olds she loves to help and she needs to help, it's really good for her self esteem.
She is a really good roller upper, which we recently discovered.
So it was meatballs for dinner last night!
Oh, she was so proud...
I had my Mothers Group over Friday night for a book discussion. We are reading A Mother's Rule of Life by Holly Perliot. I've read it before but it was good so I don't mind reading it again.
I think I should have company every Friday night because I really enjoyed going into the weekend with a clean house. I function better in order. I just think clearer. So overall it made this a more pleasant, relaxing and productive weekend. All that from a few hours of strenuous house cleaning.
Have a great Monday we are off to storytime at the library.


Kathy said...

I agree Amy....that's why I always loved when it was my turn for Friday Rosary.....a clean house, that had been prayed in, and lots of tasty leftovers.

Threeundertwo said...

I bet she loved the alpacas. I would have loved some of the yarn.

Cute picture with the meatballs.