Sunday, November 2, 2008

See ya!

Just wanted to let you know I will be breaking from blogging for a while, maybe for good, I'm not sure yet. Lately I have been asking myself why I blog and I really don't have a reason good enough to justify the time it takes. So unless I come up with one, this is it folks.
I will miss it for sure. It's been fun!
You see, I have this precious little girl here who is showing signs she is ready to work on some more challenging pre-reading skills and a little more structure in her learning-how exciting! So I'm going to go figure out how to make the most of the rest of this preschool year and try and make it as wonderful as I possibly can.
Thanks for your support, Gods bless!
And don't forget to vote!


Nadja Magdalena said...

I sure will miss you, and I hope you'll come back! Many of us homeschool several kids and squeeze in a little blogging when we can, but I fully much to do and so little time!

Hope we will see more of you in the future.

Kelly said...


I will miss seeing all your creative projects! But I do understand completely!!!!

God Bless!

Mary Ellen Barrett said...

Aww! Check in once in a while and show us your lovely creativity. I do understand your reasons though. I hope your little one has a wonderful pre-school year.

Kathy said...

One less bright spot in my day, but
you know where your priorities lie, better than most. Precious little one will never miss your blogs, but she would miss you, now when she needs you. Love you all.