Tuesday, November 25, 2008

pretty in pink...

I have been wanting to try to make one of these little tutus for a while. It wasn't hard and you can find instructions all over the web. For anyone who is not inclined to tackle this one yourself, I will be posting this pouffe of pink made for a little girl under 3 on my etsy shop.

and this apron made with Ava Rose fabric...

sorry tutu and ava rose apron sold
and this one made with April Cornell fabric...

I went out with a few friends from Mothers Group last night, it was a birthday celebration for one of the girls. We went to a place in town with the most delicious Ceasar salad I have ever come across. They take a head of romaine lettuce cut it right down the middle and put it on the grill for a minute, add a wonderful dressing, an extremely tender tasty sliced chicken breast and crispy croutons and wow, what a treat!

Since we are in wreath making mode around here, I thought a wreath would be a nice gift for the birthday girl. Of course it's too early for Christmas but I made this one earthy for Thanksgiving and then if she wants she can change the bow or anything else and dress it up for Christmas.

To the wreath I added pine cones, acorns, tied on strips of burlap and a raffia bow, and wella! one totally organic, biodegradable wreath, minus the metal frame.

OK, I think this is pretty much the last of the garden, I think I've said that before, but I really think this is it. Hubby brought in a bushel of cauliflower. Today I must puree it for the freezer and pull it out sometime on a chilly mid-winter afternoon and make some cream of cauliflower soup. It's pretty much the only way we will eat cauliflower. It doesn't require too much cream to make it yummy. I have made it with cream, half and half and even 1% milk and to me it tastes just as good without all the fat.

Have a great day!


volpecircus said...

man, i want to know how you sell the stuff so quickly in your etsy shop. my stuff just sits on there for months and sells diddly squat. oh well, guess your's are just cuter than mine. :)

Lulu and Tutz said...

ummm...the TUTU!?!?! Will we be seeing some of those in the shop?!?! I hope so! So cute! I sold several of your things this morning in the Black Friday rush!!! YAY!