Wednesday, November 26, 2008

recycling bin fun...

As the little one was sitting on my lap this morning as I perused the paper. I thought it would be fun to cut up the supermarket flyer and make her own little "food book".

We cut, we glued, we labeled and now she has this handy dandy little book. She said she will use it in her "kitchen", for her grocery list.

OK, I have way too many sprinkles, this is only the beginning of my collection (eek!). There are dinosaurs, race cars, abc's, autumn leaves and more

Little one had a friend who is a boy over yesterday and he just wasn't into playing house, dolls, etc. which is perfectly understandable so to liven things up a bit I pulled out a roll of the old slice and bake and they piled high and had a blast.

Here is a tea cozy and quilted hot pad I finished up this morning. I love this combination of color and patterns, I think it's very British Edition Country Living-esque.

Since my parents were born and raised in Ireland, tea time was most definitely routine at our house. I have many memories of sitting around the table drinking tea with family and visitors. I even remember putting tea in my baby sister's bottle-oh yes, times have changed...

These days I'm pretty much a coffee girl, but tea will always be a comforting memory.

I'll be adding this to the etsy shop later today.

We have to get ready for our Rosary Group now.

Have a wonderful day and a Blessed Thanksgiving!


goooooood girl said...
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volpecircus said...

i love the new picture at the top of the blog. :) my oldest made one of those books when she was about four and loved it. another great idea for making one is to use the seed catalogs that come in the spring and make different books for fruits, veggies, flowers, types of trees, etc.

Threeundertwo said...

I love the hot pad! And the great sprinkles - I'm a collector too.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!