Friday, August 17, 2012


It seems some people are just born knowing what
 they want to be and do when they grow up.

My husband is one of those people. Our son is one of those people. I remember the first time our son told me he wanted to be a teacher. He was 5. He left yesterday for his senior year at college as an education major. There are no guarantees on how it will all play out but he is following the desire of his heart. A couple of people have even mentioned to me that they believe he has a charism for teaching. Music to a mother's ears...

I, on the other hand, am not one of those people, I never really had a strong sense of what it was I was "supposed" to do...

All I knew is that I never felt like I was really doing it.
Somewhere along this journey, God has given this restless heart of mine, a sense of purpose, direction, peace.

Not all the time,~ please, I am me after all-lol. (for those who really know me)

I know now, that He wants me to know, love and serve him to the very best of my ability, with all that I have right where I am at this moment, with the circumstances he has given me today, with the people he has put into my care and in my life. 

This is for my oldest daughter..
My dearest Annie,
Oh how I love you, words cannot adequately express the love I have for you. How much I want you to have your deepest heart's desire, how much I believe that our Lord wants that for you too!
I have been where you are. Not sure.
Be patient. Slow down. Listen to Him who knows you like no other. He has a plan, you know that. He created each of us in His image and all unique. Some come to know sooner others later, the plan.
The other day you said to me.
"You know what your supposed to do! your happy being a mom! taking care of the kids! the house! your business!"
Yes, I am. I am grateful for my/our blessed life.
Thanks for the reminder, by the way...
Someday you too may take great satisfaction in things like watching clean sheets dry on a sunny summer day.
or  you could just start living fully right now, today,
exactly where you are at this moment in these very circumstances...

Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
All things are passing;
God only is changeless.
Patience gains all things.
Who has God wants nothing.
God alone suffices.
~St. Teresa of Avila


Beth said...

So beautifully written. Good advice for all of us on this life journey.

Valerie said...

I loved this post! It really touched my heart. How many "jobs" or "careers" have I had...and yet, at nearly 43 (LOL)I finally feel content...being a mom and wife...caring for my husband, children and home. I have felt such a peace and unity with the women of my Women of Faith group through my parish. Although most of them 10-15 years younger than me :) we all have children in the same age ranges...and we all stay at home...working toward Salvation for ourselves and our loved ones.

I can't think of any better "career"!


amy said...

Thanks Valerie! Your group sounds wonderful. I am lacking in that area at the moment. I have experienced the blessing of having that type of group many times. Maybe this fall...
Yes, there is nothing else I'd rather be doing!

consume me... said...

Annie is so like many her age. WANTING to know today what is meant for tomorrow. Sometimes the only voice we hear is the one that says "be content where you are"...and we want nothing more than to push it away so we can hear something else...something better.

For today, I pray Annie sees the fullness of life all around her. I can only hope that tomorrow shows her something new and different - the very answers she's been looking for....but often, until we find peace in today, tomorrow is clouded over.

So, to in the blessings of today -find peace and gratitude in all that is around you. Choose to look and listen, but to be thankful, even in the silence. These days are working out something good in you...and you'll see later that it was all part of the Master plan.

Listen to your momma's wise counsel- there is no one that is more "for" you than your parents.