Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a few favorites...

A few favorites from the last month...
I love paninis. I don't have a panini maker. I have made them just in the frying pan with another pan pressed down on it-worked very nicely. This one was made in my waffle maker.
Spinach, cheese, and tomato on whole wheat.
It takes all of about two minutes on the waffle maker.
My dd18 found a recipe in fitness magazine for this calzone.
Yo can't really tell but this baby is HUGE!
We purchased this perfect pizza dough from our favorite pizzeria for $2-hardly worth it to make it for that price. I believe most pizzerias will let you purchase their dough-just ask.
We rolled out the pizza dough into a big circle until it is about 1/4" thick or so.
Then got out the frozen pesto from last summer's bounty-that I almost forgot about-spread a nice thin layer over the whole thing.
Filled with about 4 cups of caramelized onions, red, green and yellow peppers also frozen from last summer's garden.
Sprinkle with about a cup of mozzarella and a bit of parmesan cheese, salt and pepper.
Fold over, seal together and bake for about 25 minutes on 375.
This was really good and super easy and we were eating it for days.
I made these yesterday morning. It is hard to find a good bran muffin that is not really unhealthy.
These are quite good. Very moist.
The recipe is right on the back of this package.
Moving forward we are looking for more low carb recipes.
Anyone have any simple, low carb breakfast ideas?
I would love to hear them!


Beth said...

Here are some of my favorite breakfasts:

1. eggs, plain.
2. Saute' veggies of choice and then add eggs for a delicious scramble. I like to put hot sauce on my eggs for a little extra kick.
3. plain yogurt and fruit. In the summer I use frozen fruit and some plain yogurt and make breakfast shakes. I can't do them in the winter, makes me too cold.

My hubby would say....ditch the grains completely. He lost a ton of weight doing that last year. Also healed his body in many amazing ways. Wish I had his willpower!

Anonymous said...

Poached eggs are a favorite here. Really easy to make and nutritious.

Of course bacon is low carb. . .and delicious!

I wish I could ditch the grains too Beth, I am convinced it's a good idea.

Amy the calzone looks fabulous!

amy said...

Poached eggs are a staple here.

I would like to get used to eating plain yogurt.

Not ready to give up all grains just yet. I am ready to make changes though- for sure!

consume me... said...

I LOVE ALL THE CARBS IN YOUR PICTURES...can you just keep them around a little longer so that I can enjoy them? So glad to see you here again...I miss you during your long sabbaticals. But I do understand there are more pressing things in your making more lovely meals for us to drool over. YUM!