Monday, January 17, 2011


Yesterday when I woke up I was feeling kind of sad that my son was heading back to school after Christmas break. Actually I still have a little lump in my throat as I write this. Yes, I'm used to it by now, but it still stings a little every time he leaves.

As I was getting ready for Mass it occurred to me I should ask my friend Beth to come over for a visit. I thought maybe we could sew something, cook something or craft something. She loves all that stuff, as I do. I was so glad when she said she could.

We decided that sewing it would be. So with sewing machine in hand she arrived.
Beth is a very talented seamstress. She quilts like nobody's business, She hemmed a very cute dress she made and made this sweet little dish towel while she was here.
so pretty.
I wanted to make something fun for February.
This is what I came up with from the stash.
I love, love vintage linens, roses, red on white polka dots, gingham and ric rac. To look at all these things together on my kitchen table every morning-just makes me happy!

And to actually get my sewing machine out, sew for fun and get to gab with my good friend all afternoon.

A great day indeed. God always knows just we need.


Beth said...

Boy, do I need a hair cut! Thanks again for the great day.

consume me... said...

So sweet! I remember those fabrics...good memories!

Jenny said...

Really pretty and what fun way to spend the day. I'm a new follower from Catholic Mothers Online. Please stop by and return the favor.