Friday, January 14, 2011

what's wrong with this picture...

I'm taking a picture of my daughter taking a picture of granola!!
The recipe.
I have made this recipe in the crockpot and it was great. This time I made it in the oven because I didn't have as much time. I put the two trays in the oven at 250 degrees turning every 15 minutes for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I will never buy granola again! So delicious! My daughters and I love it on our yogurt. My sister is really good at playing hostess to visitors which she has often. When we recently visited I was so touched by all the little things she did for us. In our room we were greeted by lit candles, not one but two bouquets of flowers, Italian sparkling water, water bottles, a bowl of various granola/energy bars.
Yesterday, she told me a funny story about some young people she had visiting from Africa. She had set out in their room among other things I'm sure, a bowl full of granola and snack bars, just in case someone might need a little something to tide them over. Anyway in the morning the bowl of empty wrappers was brought downstairs. They had eaten them all-(there were a whole bunch), thinking it was their breakfast. Meanwhile my sister was in the midst of cooking them a lovely meal for their already full bellies-(he he). With appreciation and wonderful manners they ate what was prepared.
Just listening to her talk of her time with them was both heartwarming and eye opening. We truly have so much in this country. We are abundantly blessed.
Lord, thank you for every good thing you give us.
Help us to see the needs of others and to try to
meet those needs in your name Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

Such a creative bunch, those Sopers!
Kathy B.