Wednesday, January 7, 2009

this and that...

A friend gave us tickets to Sesame Street Live on Saturday. I thought perhaps she might be a little passed the Sesame Street phase (boo hoo), but not at all. She was mesmerized through the whole show. She loved it!
I must admit, I also found it quite enjoyable.
Yesterday, we participated in a program at the County Park entitled, "Wildflowers in Winter".We scouted out different wildflowers in winter seed or pod stage. The kids had the Naturalist opening every birdhouse along the way in search of wildlife...
There was a whole family of mice in this one.
It was great to get out in nature and get some fresh air. It was cold, but we dressed for it so we were fine.
Then, we stopped at one of my favorite general stores. This store is in the area where the terrible tragedy occurred a couple of years ago in the Amish Schoolhouse.
It was crowded but we were able to find a parking spot. A true General Store with cheap fabric, and a large assortment of trims. I was able to pick up some white pom pom fringe. The stuff I use on everything. It's getting much harder to come by at a reasonable price. I got what they had because I have learned the hard way that when you see something at these stores that you need, get it then, or it will gone next time you go.
It's also fully stocked with housewares, dry goods, toys, books, etc.
The store is owned and run by Amish folk so everything is orderly and plain, nothin' fancy. This is in the heart of downtown, ahhh... small town America...

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regan said...

isn't it neat when your kids surprise you by still enjoying things you thought they might've outgrown. my 11yo son actually played "store" with the littler ones the other day and it was so refreshing....pretty nature pictures, especially the mice. here in cA, so much stuff is dormant because it is cold. except for the roses that is. there are still roses everywhere i look!
...i love those amish pictures, my parents went to gettysburg this summer and thoroughly enjoyed amish country. have a great week and enjoy those white pom-poms-they look so pretty on everything, don't they? =)