Thursday, January 8, 2009

"my studio"

I have been doing some major cleaning out since Christmas. One of the areas that was screaming for attention was my "studio". My family still laughs at me for calling it that. When will they start taking me more seriously-lol...

Anyway here we go, it's in the basement along with the laundry area, hubby's workbench, storage, etc...I won't be showing all the stuff that it is surrounded by. Just my little space.

This is an old kitchen table from our last home, we were no longer using and it fit perfectly between hubby's workbench and the storage shelves. I found the shelving unit at a garage sale at a home of a teacher, it fit perfectly and provides lots of vertical storage space.

I have old tablecloths hanging up as curtains to cover up the storage. I am not using the chair in the living room the moment, so it was put to good use down here.

This table is extra long about 8-9 feet plus another sleeve I'm not using right now, another super cheap second hand treasure. It's great as a cutting table. I put this pretty floral vinyl covering on it, that I found at the Amish general store the other day. It makes cleaning up messy crafts quick and easy.

This little teapot is from my Mom. I think she gave it to me over 20 years ago, she had it forever before that. It is from Donegal, Ireland, where she was born and raised. The mason jars are filled with yo yos made by my mother in law that I have used for various projects.

There are little reminders of what is important to me all around, pictures, gifts, a crucifix...

My mom treated me to this dresser we found at a yard sale years ago. She said it was too nice to pass up, she was right. It holds lots of sewing supplies.

On the other side of the basement we have my daughter's "studio",

It isn't quite pulled together yet.

I am so excited to have gotten this space together. I look forward to sharing it and enjoying it with both of my creative daughters.

Dd16 and I just sat down there enjoying it last night for a while. As she once again brought up the topic of her dream of traveling the world starting in Ireland. Yikes!

Will I ever be ready for all that letting go??


regan said...

what a great little space. that is one thing i miss about our old house, having everything in one place. here, i have my stuff spread out between our bedroom and the schoolroom and even sometimes the living room....what a mess i make all over the whole house!

as for the letting go and ireland talk.......that sure is tough on your mothers' heart isn't it? my oldest talks of moving to san diego all the time and that is an hour and a half away, which is enough for me! i don't think i'll ever get used to the idea of them "growing up".

Blakely said...

looks great! I'm so excited for you.

volpecircus said...

it looks spectacular! can i just sit in there some time and bask in all the orderliness?

Mary Ellen Barrett said...

What a pleasant, happy space!

Kathy said... it1 It's so "you". Can you come down to NC and set up my space? I still have all my stuff in bins in the attic, in a big jumble. I remember many cups of coffee and tea and good talks and prayers around the old kitchen table. It is a special thing, isn't it, to remember friends, and of course your family when Annie and Louie were little, around that table, where you sit now to create all your beautiful things.

Lulu and Tutz said...

Ok, got me feeling guilty that I'm sitting here instead of cleaning up my OWN "creative space"! I have a list on my fridge that says "organize craft area"....I'm managed to complete the other tasks around the list, while pretending that little item isn't even on the list!!! Sadly, it's in the corner of my bedroom and I cannot pretend it's already done!!! Sigh...ok...the guilt is weighing me down...MUST...CLEAN...NOW!!!
Thanks for the peek and the nudge!!!

Threeundertwo said...

That is so beautiful and inspiring! I've been working on my craft area but it's certainly not that pretty or organized (yet).

I'm going to bookmark this to remind me of how wonderful a clean space looks.

Judy said...

Just by observing the pictures of your beautifully organized craft room, I realize the neatness gene is a big part of your personality. Of course, I concluded that very quickly, when I examined the gorgeous pillows that you had in the gift shop. You did a great job on creating a craft room that is peaceful and relaxing.

regan said...

amy, hope all is well with you. just looking for you to spread a little "fresh vintage" out into cyberspace.......

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Amy this is an amazing corner of the world you will have so many fun times here I promise!!