Sunday, August 5, 2007

I thought you might like to know...

I finally added a list of "sites I like" to the side bar. You'll see some friends and others that inspire me daily.
I stop by Catholic Exchange for the daily Mass readings and reflections as well as some great articles. When I was working full time I would take a few minutes each day and pop into Sacred Space-It really helped me stay centered. When The teenagers want to see a movie we always check on first. This site is great. It tells you exactly what a Christian might consider inappropriate for family viewing, then you can make an educated decision. My coupons has saved us lots of money. Organized home has lots of great ideas on organizing-I'm not sure if I will ever get that down. But I'm always trying. Tumble books is e-books for children. My little one enjoys this once in a while.
Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday!

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