Monday, June 13, 2011


Our baby girl turned 1 this weekend!!!

I often think, how did I/we ever get so blessed to get to do this all over again?!

I am in awe of God's ways!

If I have learned anything in my life thus far it is that His ways are far better, beautiful, wonderful, exciting and absolutely perfect and I don't want to get in the way of them.

Wish I had learned that a bit earlier in my life...

We just finished our first year homeschooling dd7 and it has been very good.
I am so glad we have chosen this path for our family.

She has learned/we have learned so much about so many different things.
She amazes us with her enjoyment and love and growing knowledge of God's creation.

She waited so long for her little sissy and has been able to spend this year watching her grow, bonding and playing with her in a way that simply would not have been possible had she been away at school so many hours a day.

We went strawberry picking earlier today.
It was a lovely cool morning...
They feasted.
It makes my heart sing when I see my children eat such fresh healthy food.

Blessed indeed.

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consume me... said...

My how quickly a year can pass! She is beautiful...just like her sisters! So glad you have this time to pull back and be home with them all! Enjoy your summer!