Sunday, January 17, 2010

great idea...

(Thank you for your prayers and concern left in the comments on the last post. We appreciate them. We are doing just fine. Much better since we got a diagnosis, not knowing was worse than knowing. Life is good, God is faithful, all is well.)

To me a great craft project idea must have at least some of the following characteristics:
  • Must be simple enough to complete in couple of hours, tops!
  • I must already have some or most of the supplies in my posession.
  • I can't be able to simply purchase a close knock off inexpensivly.
  • It must be somewhat unique, something I haven't seen everywhere.

To me, this cute idea qualifies.

Don't you think?


Ellen said...

Neat idea. And who among us doesn't have a cookie sheet that qualifies for a make over?

Consume me... said...

Cute! I prefer eating cookies over making crafts, but if you time it right, you could use it one last time to bake a batch of Tollhouse, and then eat them later w/milk on your cute little tray! Yum...if it involves cookies, I'm totally into that craft!
btw...Alex is gone..tomorrow's the day I'll be sitting at Panera, in case you wanted to join me!

Consume me... said...

I'm with you!!!! Maybe next week when the flu gets out of my house we can SIT!