Thursday, October 23, 2008

she amazes me...

My two daughters, ages 4 and 16 share a room. Yes, I know you are wondering how can that possibly work?! Well, I don't really know, we just make it work-at least most of the time. My biggest issue is the fact that dd16 is just a tad unorganized, ahem, to say the least. But what are you going to do...?

Anyway, last night the little one had a last minute sleepover at Grandma's who lives down the block with her favorite cousin/bestest friend who is also 4. So that meant dd16 didn't have to vacate her room at 7pm for little sister's bedtime, only to return when she was fast asleep.

So she was able to draw and listen to music and do what she does without interruption.

This is what I found when I went in there after she had gone to school this morning.

It's her name in sign language...I think it's pretty cool.
I mentioned quite some time ago she is hearing impaired as well as her older brother, his hearing is definitely worse. They wore hearing aids up until a couple of years ago and then decided not to, which I was OK with. There is no question that my son will require wearing them again probably before college.

Anyway, when I saw this, I guess it brought back memories...of hearing aids, audiologists, speech and hearing therapy, going to special school at waaaay too early of an age.

A trip down memory lane...

God is good... all is well.


Threeundertwo said...

Wow. What touching artwork. She is so talented.

So I'm guessing she's left handed since she drew pictures of her right? Or is sign language always done with the right hand and she put the pencil down to look at her model?

simplysewn said...

She has an amazing talent. I'm finding that I see your kids more often than I see you!!!!!

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

How fantastic are those drawings!! Love them!

Shannon said...

What a sweet blog! I love it.