Monday, June 9, 2008

this and that...

I finally finished these seat cushions for my mother in law. I was off to a rocky start with them. In my thriftiness I decided to recycle the old stuffing, I pre-cut all the fabric before I realized the stuffing was going to be very difficult to work with-oopsie- but by that point, with the fabric cut I was already committed to working with this stuffing. I perservered and I am happy with the finished product.
Remember these dishtowels. I said I would keep them for a while and enjoy them. Oh well, I still have more, at least for now.
The pillows, made from really cheerful vintage linens as well as new fabrics are now available at Lulu and Tutz...
We enjoyed the first red potatoes of the year from the garden. We like them best sprinkled with EVOO, (Extra Virgin Olive Oil-yikes did I just use a Rachael Ray-ism) course salt, fresh cracked pepper and roasted in the oven-yummy! I don't think you can tell but when these were just taken out of the ground they are a really bright fabulous fuschia color, just one more reason to have a garden.
We also had the first of the broccoli. I made the broccoli salad for the little one and I and used this recipe, it's so tasty.

It is sooo hot here today!!!
I usually don't mind the heat that much. But this is just a little too much, a little too soon.

Stay cool! =)


cici said...

ha! i still love those towels! especially on pillows. i think the cherries are my favs.

your work is lovely.

Lulu & Tutz said...

You'll laugh when you read my email! I just asked you about seat cushions!!! Now that you've tested them out...want to do more for us???!!! LOVE the new fabrics you showed us...would make darling little seats! (Maybe for my house, too!) The veggies look wonderful!

everydaygia said...

I love the pillows! Will you be selling the ones you posted in this blog? I see you're from Lancaster.. We're hoping to make a trip up there this Summer!

Kristin said...

Hey, I just wandered here from a link of a link...
I love those pillows! Great deal on the towels; why can't I find things like that?!

sexy said...