Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Saturday Morning, little one and I got out those ready to go, everything you need in one box, craft projects. It was 2 porcelain dishes to paint. She loves these activities!
Here are the finished projects
She was so very pleased with her masterpeice!
We had a lovely Mothers Day. Hubby purchased and planted a
pink hydrangea for me-so sweet. I can't wait to see it bloom. Saturday my son took me out to lunch and we walked around downtown, it was really fun. I awoke Sunday morning to the most wonderful cards and flowers. My older daughter made this beautiful handmade card with the most touching words I have ever been told as a mother. I wish I could share but she would be really mad. I still can't get over what she wrote...

See that Christmas Card on the table. Little one felt the need to give me a store bought card I guess, so she just went to my desk and pulled out this card and gave it to me. It was from someone else and we received it this past Christmas. (lol)

Thank God for making me a mother!

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