Thursday, May 15, 2008

around the garden...

Random shots from the garden, in no sensible order...I don't have time to argue with blogger this morning.
romaine lettuce
gerbera daisy
The very first strawberry of the year so far.
by next week, there should be more...mmmm
I was snapping pictures outside last evening and they went by.Horse and buggys are commonplace in Lancaster County, although they only come through our neighborhood occasionally.
lots of oregano
These are called bleeding hearts, I cannot look of them without thinking of Jesus. These amaze me.


Hubby gets all the credit for this. He is the passionate gardener.


Blakely said...

You have a lot of variety in your garden. Ours is growing at a good rate, but nothing like yours.

I have visited Mufflin County, PA many many times, and I love to see the Amish. Thanks for posting the picture of the horse and buggy.

volpecircus said...

wow, the garden looks great already. even bigger than last year (ha, ha). what about the front? :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! you have a wonderful garden. Happy Gardening.

~~~mary said...

Great garden! I'm only one county away from you (York Co) and for the life of me have never been able to get garlic to grow for me. Kudos! Peace. ~~~mary