Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our baby boy is growing up...

Another milestone...
Our ds 16, bought his first car this weekend. We are very proud of him . He worked and saved every penny for it. Many of his friends say it is an "old man's car", I disagree. For a first car, I think he did quite well.
Well, we are in brand new territory once again (yikes). Yet another leap of faith and lesson in trust. Yes, I am nervous when he leaves home and when I know he is leaving wherever he is on his way home, but mostly I am grateful for the fine young man he is becoming.
This is the picture from before he got it home and cleaned it up. I was going to get a picture of it looking nice and spiffy, but he hasn't been home that much to get a picture, (lol).


simplysewn said...

Wow! I bet his friends won't mind the "old man's car" when they are getting a lift somewhere and find out how much roomier it is to sit in.

I guess his job is going well!


Michele Quigley said...

Did he tell you he saw Tim at the park today? It's funny because I had shown Tim the picture of the car this morning and there it was at the park!

Timothy's got an "old man's car" too1 ;-)