Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Joy!

Happy Easter Tuesday!

This was a really good Lent. I have to admit it was hard to stay away from blogs. But it was good for me. I am very often inspired by checking in on the blogs of moms who are doing their best and using their gifts to nurture and raise holy families. I also have a bunch of real life moms in my life who inspire me everyday for which I am so grateful. It helps to keep me focused on what my job in life really is - to nurture and to love and to provide an environment which is conducive to raising a holy family.

Yes, Lent was good but wow!, The Easter Vigil was glorious! I haven't been to an Easter Vigil in many years and that means I have not been to one in our present parish and they sure do it right. There were many moments during Mass that I got goosebumps and I know I wasn't the only one. We were planning on going to Mass Sunday morning but at dd15 's inspired request we went to the Vigil and we were all glad we did.

The last few days, the words from the song "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me" have been going through my head. I'm going to take these words as instructions. If we as moms, want to create a loving and nurturing environment in our homes. It begins with us doesn't it? We set the "thermostat". This is my prayer this Easter Season;

"Let there peace on earth and let it begin with me"

I have been thinking about how to make these days of Easter special for our family-any ideas, traditions you want to share?


Angie said...

Hi Amy!

Sorry for the unrelated comment, but if you have a spam email folder, could you check it to see if you have an email from me? I have contacted you a few times over the past 6+ months, but then I got your email that makes it clear that you don't think you have received any of them.


volpecircus said...

so glad to see you blogging again my dear! Easter joy and blessings to you!