Saturday, October 27, 2007

present but not giftwrapped...

Just wanted to check in. I have been otherwise occupied lately and haven't had the chance to post. I plan on doing so more frequently, especially since things are calming down around here and the longer nights will soon be upon us.

What have I been up to you ask (or not, but I'll tell you anyway). I have been getting a crash course in homeschooling. My dd15 is officially being homeschooled as of this week. It was very much her own decision, with lots of parental input of course. We live in an area where there is an amazing amount of resources for the homeschooling family. Our very own parish has an abundance of well seasoned homeschoolers, for which I am so grateful to for the guidance and support they have given us these last few weeks.

We have several good reasons for making this somewhat bold move at this time. I won't be getting into the details here. I will say however, that we do this not because we feel she couldn't succeed in school, because she has! This is not a consolation prize because things didn't work out at school, but rather an exciting and better suited opportunity for her at this particular moment in time.

We have gotten through the first week and it has been a good one!

If you told me we would ever be doing this a few years back, I would never have believed you. Once again, God's ways prove to be strange and wonderful!



simplysewn said...


I am so glad the first week went well. There is something so nice is knowing our children are content. Consider it ALL joy....especially the good stuff. Beth

Laura W. said...

Home schooling is a most wonderful journey! We love it!