Tuesday, September 18, 2007

and the winner is...

Congratulations Melanie! I will contact you for shipping information.
Well, that was fun! Thanks for all the nice comments.
It has been really busy around here these last few weeks. We are now in full swing with the oldest two and all there school, work, activities, etc.
This would have been little one's first day of preschool had I not changed my mind a few days ago about sending her. Her teacher came to the house two weeks ago for a little visit, we had open house last week, which was all good. We met the parents, the children, we did some cute activities, all nice enough. Then we got into the car and I had an epiphany of sorts and realized I really did not want to send her to this or any other preschool, for this year anyway. My patient and supportive husband is completely on board with the new plan for which I am so very grateful. I bounced back and forth on this decision all summer. I think I drove my wonderful, patient, always supportive husband a little crazy. Once the decision was made, the call to the school to opt out completed, I was finally peaceful.
We have lots of great activities planned for home, out in the community and with friends. I am confident it is the best thing for her this year.


sms said...

good for you, Amy! I don't think you will be sorry, she will never be this age again!

melanie said...

oh wow!! Thank you so so much. I never win anything :-) You made the day of this mom-of-five-under-seven-including-twin-baby-boys-who-keep-me-up-ALL-NIGHT-LONG!!