Saturday, March 24, 2012

from the yard...

Peach blossoms...
 Last year these vines were overflowing with beautiful grapes and over 1 weekend when we weren't looking, the birds picked them dry. Hopefully that will not let that happen this year.
 Hubby has a new hobby. He is making these gourd birdhouses from last years garden. So pretty.
 We got this bird bath at an auction recently. Our yard is quite a birdie resort, thanks to my husband. They can always find a meal here. Either in the bounty of the garden or in the many feeders that he always has filled for his feathered friends.
 The letttuces are out of greenhouse and in the ground.
We have enjoyed several salads from the greenhouse already with the most tender lettuce.
We have rain here today. Its a good thing, we need it.

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Valerie Martin said...

Amy..I love the birdhouses...can I order one please..ask Bob. I'll come pick it up.
Really beautiful bird bath. You guys find the best stuff.