Thursday, April 15, 2010

life giving books...

Several months ago I attended weekday Mass at a parish not my own. I had been searching the previous week or two for a good pregnancy book. You know one of those week by week ones to refresh my memory regarding the different changes my body would be going through. You would think by one's fourth child I would not need much of a reminder, but let us not forget, mine are over the span of almost 2 decades. Anyway as I flipped through various books at various stores. I didn't like any of them. Some of them were down right irritating, maybe even a little scary for a 41 year old plus mom to be.
As I arrived at Mass that particular morning and waited for Mass to begin I had a thought that I should check out the church library, which I did immediately following Mass. Right away I spotted the book, Life Giving Love by Kimberly Hahn. A book Michele had lent me after the birth of our last child. It was once again just what I needed at this time. It wasn't about the biology of giving birth but rather God's plan for us as a Catholic family. It spoke to all the objections or fears that people may experience hearing from others or feel personally about being open to "one more soul". And really, there are very few objections or fears with validity. This is the book I needed to prepare my heart for this baby. The Bradley Method we have learned about this time around will hopefully prepare me more physically.

After savoring that book for a while I once again picked up Graced and Gifted, Biblical Wisdom For The Homemakers Heart by Kimberly Hahn from my personal library.

I've had it for a while but for some reason it was one of those books that I picked up and couldn't get going with (it was the timing, not the book), until I opened it up again recently.
Such good stuff. I have highlighted the dickens out of this one!
Here is just one little tidbit from the book...
"Little by little God is giving me more of a servant heart as I relinquish my will to His, allowing the ordinary tasks of my day to reflect the extraordinary love he has for my loved ones through me."
Oh Motherhood, what an awesome journey!
No matter how long it's been I never stop having the need to learn and grow.


Meredith said...

Kimberly's book is SO good!! Hoping you're feeling great sweetie :))

simplysewn said...

I read Life Giving Love many years ago when I was struggling to understand some church teachings. It was so helpful. I donated it to our church library so I'm hoping it's there somewhere! Beautiful post, as always. God is good. Beth

Melanie B said...

I loved both of those books. Kimberly Hahn is wonderful.