Saturday, July 18, 2009

diners and dives

There is this little itty bitty truck stop not too far from us that I have always wanted to try. I think we stopped years ago and it was smoky, so we went on our merry way. Since smoking is now outlawed in restaurants in these parts we gave it another try. Guess what? I thought it was totally cool. A real throw back...
It reminds me of a place we would go as a family when I was a kid on vacation in upstate New York.
Who could resist a sign like this? We had the egg special. Eggs over easy, homes fries, wheat toast and coffee. They give you so much food people leave with containers to go. All that for under $4. The homefries are especially yummy!
The walls are lined with local military heroes, a real tribute.
You don't see too many of these around anymore.

We enjoyed some Conway Twitty, Johnny Cash, Elvis and of course a little "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyryd Skynyrd.
It's called Jenny's and it's Rte. 30 in Lancaster.


simplysewn said...


We love that diner! Nathan got the biggest pancake ever there. The juke boxes on the tables are the best.

ann marie said...

That looks great! Whenever I make to PA...we will have to go for sure!!!

Just a little something from Judy said...

It was one of the favorite hangouts of all three of our daughters and their high school friends, in days gone by. They all thought that their french fries were some of "the best"! I like these pictures. What a great post!

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Loved catching up on all your posts, some beautiful photos. Your daughters drawings are amazing!
Alicia ~ time worn style

luluandtutz said...

Alex and his friends talk about Jennies all the time...I have yet to try it myself, but might now that I hear the reviews from an adult! Miss seeing you, friend! hope your decion-making is going well!!!

Pam Chaddon said...

Hi Amy -
It's taken me a few days to get my act together. We are still putting stuff away! We had such a wonderful time with your family at Cape May! Here is a website I thought you might like:
Also - the Cape May pictures are posted on my blog - you just need to go to the Flickr link on the side (like on your site) to see all the pics in full size. There are some cute ones of MG. Talk to you soon!
God Bless,