Saturday, March 21, 2009

As we went out to get the paper this morning...
We saw this wonderful sight overhead. We tend to get lots of hot air balloons blowing by from now until late summer.

During the hot summer nights when the windows are open I have been woken up early in the morning by the sound of flames being turned up, that's how close they get. One time, several years ago, a brightly colored balloon landed in our neighborhood and the kids got to run around on it help get the air out and fold it up. Fun, fun!!

We participate in nature classes with our local homeschool group. I, ahem, I mean my daughter is learning so much (hehe). Last weeks topic was birds.
Or was it monkeys? ;)

My dd16 won an award for a piece she did last fall. This piece as well as lots of other winners from around the county are on display this month at a local art museum.

Here is a close up.

Have a great Saturday!


Just a little something from Judy said...

Love the slippers!! I admire how you use everyday things to teach your children. I really miss having younger all goes so fast! Your daughter has the same artistic gene that you do...lucky her.

volpecircus said...

i love the picture of the monkeys...i mean, children, in the tree. i couldn't believe that tree was still standing after they were done with it.

that piece with the jack o' lantern is so beautiful! what attention to detail.