Saturday, September 6, 2008

living and learning...

That's what we have been up to.
I was considering purchasing a preschool curriculum for her this year. I then came
to my senses and realized that what we are doing for her is more than adequate for a preschool year. We will continue to read lots of good books, work on the basics and spend lots of time outside.

We went for a college visit to Mt. St. Mary's in Emmitsburg Maryland recently. While there, we went to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes which is on the campus. It is so beautiful and peaceful at the Shrine. What will we do when big brother goes off to college... A "beaver lodge" constructed of the iris bulbs daddy pulled out of the garden.

We met some friends from the local Catholic homeschool group for First Friday Mass yesterday morning and then went off to go "Stream Stomping". The kids explored, discovered and had an all around good time.The weather was warm and sunny and the stream was low from no rain, so it was a perfect day at the park.

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Ellen said...

Good luck with all the college visits and exploration. It is worth the effort when your child finds a school where they are truly happy.