Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I made this pillow out of a very old hand embroidered (by someone else) pillowcase. It's soft, probably from being washed so many times, the lace is definitley a bit shabby from age-I kind of like that. The needlework is impeccable and the color is bright snowy white.
In my imagination, the woman who made this was an excellent keeper of the home, evident by her meticulous needlework and laundering skills.
It made me think of my grandmother, my mother's mother. She lived in Ireland, I spent only 3 weeks with her when I was very young during a visit there. I was there only once and she never ventured to the states. She did, however, always know what was going on in our lives as we did hers. She called me "Emmy"
From what I understand she was a strong woman who was widowed young and to support her 7 children she made hand embroidered tablecloths and other linens.
As I go to garage sales and thrift stores in search of previously loved linens. I often find myself pondering how life was so different for the women of previous generations.
I'm quite sure in my imagination I romanticize what it must have been like.
I wonder...


Sucharita Sarkar said...


I am so glad I found you on momblogger. This is such a lovely, lovely blog...the pillows (and wreaths) are really so soft and pretty looking, you really have an eye (and fingers) for beauty.

Will visit again.

volpecircus said...

this is gorgeous! i love the wash line picture too. i need a tutorial from you on the pillowcase dress. i picked up a really cute pillowcase (at the gift and thrift) with a great scalloped lower edge to make a dress for the wee miss. now i just need some very talented lady (ahem) to show me the ropes. :)