Wednesday, December 19, 2007

thrifty decorations...

Hubby made this wonderful wreath. I love it! It now hangs on the side of our home with a spotlight shining on it at night and we are enjoying it very much.
A year or two ago after Christmas, hubby found two large wreaths out on the curb of a church next door to where he works. He took all the greenery off them and put them away. As I was driving down the road one day I came across some utility workers cutting pine branches away from the phone lines and the road was lined with large piles of greenery that would be disposed of. I quickly ran home to get hubby and we filled up the car twice with lots of fresh pine. The men were happy to let us have all we wanted.
It's so much more fun getting things this way rather than going to the store and
just buying them. Not to mention being able to see the hand of God that much more clearly.
I wish I had blogged more this Advent, but I didn't, oh well.
One of the things I like about blogging, is that it is really like a scrapbook or journal. I have journaled for many years and it is so nice to look back and see where
I have been and what I've done. It's helped me to recall those special moments with much more clarity and when I read about the more challenging times it reminds me of lessons learned and as St. Teresa of Avila said,"all things are passing, God only is changeless"


simplysewn said...

Can't wait to see this up close and personal. You two are so well matched in your creative, thrifty ways. I like your new header picture too. Beth

Mary Ellen Barrett said...

Amy, it's lovely. I also love your yo-yos!

Merry Christmas!