Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oh, what a beautiful morning!

The little one and I went down to the Red Caboose Inn this morning. Every once in a while we do this to watch the train from the Strasburg Railroad go by. It's such a treat to feed the animals.

I wish I had snapped this one just one second sooner. You would be seeing her pony tail in the pony's mouth. He got quite a grip on it and we had quite a chuckle.

Waiting...waiting...waiting...for that train.
It actually didn't go by until we were in the car.

It was a nice morning. I had one of those moments, as we sat on a nearby bench waiting for the train, when I was just so filled up with gratitude for the gift of being her mom.

I noticed the girls were color coordinated the other day,
so I quickly got the camera ready and snapped away.

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simplysewn said...

I just finished my journaling for LW and thanked God for the joy of being a mother. Your post brought that out to me as well. You have beautiful (inside and out) children. Beth